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Upon completion, your application will be reviewed. To qualify for enrollment, you must submit some personal and church information. If accepted, you will contacted for a 30 minute phone interview.

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This one-on-one coaching has a limited amount of participants, and I am selective about who is part of it in order to maximize its impact for you. I want people who are ready to take action and get their church moving forward.


To qualify for enrollment, you must meet the following requirements:


 • You are a leader in the church and able and willing to make decisions concerning church programing and outreach techniques.


 • You're not looking for a quick and easy way to grow a crowd.


• You have a passionate desire to reach new, young families for the Lord Jesus Christ.


• You have the internet capacity and scheduling ability to view online training videos and make 90 minute phone calls and/or Zoom video calls over the next two months.


 • You are ready and willing to invest in yourself with the cost of this program ($799).


If you fit the above criteria, start by filling out the application below. Once I review it, I'll contact you to let you know if I believe you'd be a great fit for the program!


Enrollment for the next session closes soon, so if you're wanting to apply, don't delay on filling out the application below.

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What goals do you have for your church in the next 6 months? Year?

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What obstacles have you been facing in your ministry?

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If accepted, what would like to see accomplished during our coaching time together?

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