The Easter Prep Workshop

The Five Essentials You Do Not Want to Neglect in the  Four Weeks Prior to Easter



The Five Areas of Pre-Easter Training Workshop


How to have a healthy Easter goals and how to get that specific Easter vision downstream to your congregation. 

Social Media

Two ways to use Social for Easter that work! Plus...the secret weapon of getting social media buzz in your community,


The one primary area that needs to be emphasized in your pre-Easter training. Plus... the one sentence that works for every church member.


Three things  to print and have ready for Easter distribution- One business card size, One postcard size and one 8.5 x 11 size.


How to get people to attend the week after Easter. How to make this a strategy across all areas of your local church. A vision for fruit that remains!

Do Not Neglect These Things!

Often times the ultimate failure of a project is due to the things that are disregarded and left to the end. This workshop will help get you started plenty early with the five vital components that every church should have in their focus.

Mike Holmes is the founding pastor of the Sinclair Baptist Church in south central Wyoming. He has trained thousands of church leaders and staff to successfully reaching their communities and bring new, young families into their local assemblies.

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