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Attention Pastors: Get moving forward with practical training, personal assistance and fresh ideas.


Did you know that most pastors never feel they have reached their community outreach possibilities?

Learn how to actually equip your team for the work of the ministry!

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The ReachKeep Academy 2.0 

You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Outreach Future?

This monthly membership course and community will teach you everything you need to know to get out of "stuck" and begin moving forward with reaching, new young families. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build and maintain local church momentum
  • Create amazing Sundays that reach and keep new families
  • Bring in those who have drifted away during COVID

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart ministry practices, you could start reaching the community in the ways you have always desired!

Monthly Membership Benefits

The ReachKeep Academy includes:

  • Full access to the Reaching Young Families Online Training Course (a $697 value)
  • Long-format training modules for five key areas of management: Establishing Core Values • Amazing Sundays • Children/Nursery Ministry • Promotion and Social Media • Ministry Team Building
  • Monthly Q&A Zoom sessions with Mike Holmes 
  • Regular Seasonal Training Sessions
  • Unlimited email and documentation support
  • Browser and Smartphone App based access.
  • Hotline cellphone access for pressing needs and counsel.

With this coaching-based training you get the best of academic, video-based continuing education and a personal trainer to help point out your weakness and build upon your strengths!


You Can Reach Your Community!

Learn the formula to bring folks back to the local church:

  • Unify and get your congregation all on the same page
  • Recruit and mobilize volunteers for the work of the ministry
  • Learn the secrets of low cost social media impact 
  • Diversify your your outreach efforts to create local church momentum
  • Enjoy the life of leading of a flourishing New Testament local church!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With "Back-to-Church" Four-Step Method, you’ll learn how to finally experience  healthy growth and a bright future.

Pricing and Enrollment Info

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Finally be unstuck and moving forward again
  • Eliminate that "empty tank" feeling
  • Be effectively reaching your Jerusalem 

The right training and implementation is just ahead. We’ll cover it all in ReachKeep Academy

The ReachKep Investment

"...the Lord added to the Church...


A Note from Mike...

I am so excited about our new format and training experience. You will love it!  And I know you will love how the Academy experience will help you successfully be "adding to the church" and get your church on the move in the right direction.  


For less than a foofoo coffee budget, a Sunday School curriculum budget or a continuing education budget, you will get your local church people rolling forward and making an impact,...


...just the way you always knew it could be!


 Here is how!

What your relationship with ReachKeep really means:

  • Constant contact and encouragement from a reliable community of friends who are outside and above the fray of your local church.
  • A friendly, consistent and resource-rich connection with reminders and emphasis on the things that drive your soul.
  • Ideas, action steps and accountability for developing the local church you have always dreamed of.

With the ReachKeep Academy it is not just a transaction of information but a relationship.

Now the Entire Reaching Young Families Online Training Course is include in your Academy Membership!

What's Included In The Reaching Young Families Course?


Developing Core Values

Cool things have happened in a little refinery town out on the sagebrush flats of central Wyoming. Knowing what drives you and keeps you on the right path is vital.  Learn how our core values got developed and how to develop yours!

40 min.


Creating Amazing Sundays

It takes more than a great sermon, lesson or outline…..Amazing Sundays require people!  The Gospel message in not meant for an empty chair or a vacant pew. We must teach and preach to the hearts of humans. This module will help you learn how to bring folks in (churched and unchurched) and keep them coming back.

Four Lessons


Kids and Nursery Ministry

Churches that are reaching young families have top-notch children’s ministries. Churches that are reaching young families have top-notch nurseries. Period. There is nothing more important to a parent than their kid. To reach young families you have to pay attention to young family things!  Learn how to make a huge impact through this ministry.

Four Lessons


Creating Ministry Teams

Don’t let 95% of the work be done by 5% of the people. Learn how to recruit, build, manage and motivate these awesome assets. The Bible is filled with examples of teams and co-workers serving side-by-side. One of the greatest joys your folks will know is serving the Lord on a ministry team.

Eight Lessons


Managing Your Influence Funnel

If you have a church sign or your name on Google, you already believe in the power of influence.  Letting people know you exist and are here to help is a vital element of Christianity. The new era in which we live offers multitudes of new ways to communicate and influence our communities. Learning how to use websites and social media is no longer an option for the evangelistic-minded church leader.

Five Lessons

Bonuses and Supplements

Leading Change

It doesn’t matter if you are a church planter, a church fixer, or not even in charge of anything, the Lord can use you to reach and keep new young families. Here’s how!

40 min.

Blueprint for Progress

Don’t you wish that sometimes, someone would just give you a list of things to do and when to do them? Or a drawn up plan and instructions on just how to make it all happen? Well, here it is!  It might take a little tweaking for your local situation, but our step-by-step list will help you to create a church full of flourishing believers.

Seven Steps

Facebook For Pastors

It doesn’t matter if you are a church planter, a church fixer, or not even in charge of anything, the Lord can use you to reach and keep new young families. Here’s how!

40 min.

52 Facebook Promotion Ideas

Don’t you wish that sometimes, someone would just give you a list of things to do and when to do them? Or a drawn up plan and instructions on just how to make it all happen? Well, here it is!  It might take a little tweaking for your local situation, but our step-by-step list will help you to create a church full of flourishing believers.

Seven Steps

Now Including this Super Bonus!

For a limited time this four step training course is being offered to all ReachKeep Academy Members. 

The course includes these four power long-format training sessions. These core training sessions are some of our most requested lessons!

The Reaching Young Families Training Is For You If...

  • You are stuck, high-centered or bogged down
  • You aren’t sure how to move forward
  • Your evangelistic outreach is hobbling 
  • You dream of reaching more young families 
  • You want your church too make an impact

I'm Mike Holmes...

...and I've been using my passion for the local church to help create these practical training resources for my entire career. Join me for some innovative and fresh ideas and let's start reaching new, young families of your community!

I love the local church, but have watched so many of them struggled to stay afloat in these changing times. Everything changed when I realized that I could reach new, young families from my community without compromising my doctrine or beliefs.

I want to show you how!

"Mike’s incredible capacity to energize church’s like mine with ideas, ministry philosophy, administrative advice, use of social media, and technology has been a tremendous help to us. Who else offers assistance in all those categories? He doesn’t just broadcast videos. He offers live conferences and is more than willing to meet with me and even customizing a video message just for my team. I don’t know how he finds the time to do all that he does, but I am grateful he does!"

- Senior Pastor, Memphis Area

"The Reachkeep training that I have taken part in, has been a blessing to myself and our church. There are several things that I have been able to take from the lessons and directly implement into practice. The challenge to look at every ministry as a way to reach families had changed the conversation of our church. We always wanted to reach families, but now we are thinking about reaching families. We consider how to reach families as a starting point for what we want to accomplish instead of it being a byproduct. Thank you for helping out church!"

- Senior Pastor, Ohio

"We appreciate the passion and enthusiasm Mike Holmes brings when helping to train an effective ministry team. His experience in these areas made for an incredible weekend that my people loved."

- Senior Pastor, Front Range Colorado

Are you the ideal candidate  for ReachKeep Academy?

The Academy works very closely with your local church, its leadership and its ministry teams. To make sure we are good fit for each other, please review the following:

  • Pastors who have some experience in their ministry and are ready to take it to the next level OR pastors who are just getting started but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning.
  • Pastors who see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance.
  • Pastors who are open to learning new things and enjoy challenging themselves.
  • Pastors who can take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for “someday."

Are you NOT an ideal candidate for the ReachKeep Academy?

Since the Academy will introduce you to many new, and innovative ideas, your programs, management style and leadership will be challenged. Because of this, every effort needs to be made to ensure everyone is on the same page. We are probably not a match for you if you fit any of the following descriptions.

  • A pastor who is “window shopping” for coaches and ideas and are not in need of immediate support.
  • A pastor who is scared, skeptical, or are otherwise ill-equipped to make the decisions needed to get the results their church needs.
  • A pastor who needs someone else’s permission to make reasonable changes and financial decisions in their ministry.
  • A pastor who is more concerned about what other churches might think of their program than what is best for their local church's progress.

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One Dollar for Your First Month

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  • One Hour Consulting Call
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  • All Bonus and Short Courses
  • Access to Smartphone  App and Benefits

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