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Every church could use some new, young families! 


Are you a pastor who works hard at bringing young families into your local church... 


  ...but you don't seem to be getting the desired results?




Now is the time to step forward and get out of the slump!

Your answer begins with training!


Hi, I'm Pastor Mike, and I've been using my passion for the local church to help create these practical training resources for my entire career. Join me for some innovative and fresh ideas and let's start reaching new, young families of your community!


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Deepen Local Connections

A pastor's relationship with his congregation is vital. Need more volunteers, prayer requests and attender interaction? The Connection Card Guidebook will get you there! 

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Reach Out to Young Families 

These are focused, practical and usable ideas to help you reach NEW, young families from your community. Lead better with these short and concise training videos that will arrive in your email box every morning.

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Local Church Training

If you want to reach young families, ReachKeep has a plan for you.

Church Leaders

Build a strong and healthy church through continuing education and fervent mentoring.

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Church Workers

Grow your workers and staff into a unified and well accomplished team.

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Sunday School Teachers

Develop core strengths and an effective teaching team with good philosophy and skills.

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Thinking about online training?  

Life-long-learners love these popular training methods.  

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YouTube, Podcasts and Blog Posts

Every church leader knows they need to be a life-long-learner.  The Bible is the obvious priority  for all or learning, but we also need some practical training in areas of management, volunteers and promotion. ReachKeep materials help meet the practical needs so you can better teach the Bible.

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Free Mini Courses and Webinars

Being a life-long-learner is an underlying calling of every local church leader. You cannot remain stagnant. We all know what happens then.

For many, ReachKeep has become their consistent personal trainer with, weekly email that include, challenges, webinars and video training links. Get on the trainers list today!

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The ReachKeep Academy and Extreme Coaching

Formal, tuition-based training doesn't stop at the seminary door. Balanced pastor and church leaders are constantly investing money to make themselves the best they can be. The ReachKeep Academy and coaching programs are fee-based learning environments for those wanting to take the next step in their personal development.

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