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Bio Data on Mike Holmes Family


Best Contact Info;

Mike- 307-321-5133- cell

[email protected]


Birth Dates:

Mike 1-19

Sandy 3-18


Anniversary 7-14-84


Ministry Postal Address:

 Sinclair Baptist Church/Baptist Youth Mission

 P.O. Box 4 

 Sinclair, WY  82334


Ministry Physical Address: (no mail delivery here)

 Baptist Youth Mission

 400 Lincoln

 Sinclair, WY  82334


Home Postal Address:

 Mike and Sandy Holmes

 P.O. Box 631

 Rawlins, WY  82301


Physical Address (no mail delivery here)

 Mike and Sandy Holmes

 101 Cherokee Road

 Rawlins, WY  82301


Testimony of Mike Holmes

I was saved on August 31st of 1978 in a barnyard 2 miles East of Pomona Kansas.  It was about 6:30 in the evening.  I had been attending a fundamental Baptist Church for about 3 months.  That afternoon I was talking with one of the bus workers who was concerned for my soul.  I thought I was saved because I had been to several charismatic meetings and Campus Crusade for Christ meetings over the previous 5 years.  I had made some emotional decisions but never came to realization that I was a sinner from birth.  I thought I was a sinner because I sinned,  I did not realize I sinned because I was a sinner.

That afternoon after the discussion with the bus worker I wrestled with God.  For several hours I thought through my experiences of the past and considered my future. God prevailed and at about 6:30 that evening I knelt on a pile of dirt in the center of the barnyard and admitted to God I was a sinner by condition, not action; I place by trust in Christ as the sacrifice for my condition; and I asked Him to make me what he designed me to be.  At that moment I was saved!


Christian Education and Experience

My formal training was at Bob Jones University and Maranatha Baptist Bible College. I have a B.A. In Church Ministries with a Minor in Youth Work.  I have two A.S. degrees in Animal Husbandry.  I have about 20 additional credits from Colorado Mountain College in Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, etc...

My practical experience started with 4 years of Summer ministry with Neighborhood Bible Time summer evangelism.  Upon Graduation I worked for a year and a half with NBT in Management. I then became the Youth Pastor a First Baptist Church in Steamboat Springs, CO. After two years I resigned so I could start the Baptist Youth Mission.  BYM was founded in 1988.  We have reached thousands of teenagers and children for Christ. We have conducted hundreds of VBS and Teen revivals across the U.S.A , Canada and Mexico.


ReachKeep is the digital arm of the Baptsit Youth Mission.



Identification Statement-Baptist Youth Mission, Inc. (BYM) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit on June 6, 1988 in Colorado. BYM is registered as a foreign corporation of good standing in Carbon County, Wyoming. BYM provides youth related services, training and support to independent baptist churches across North America. In 2002, BYM relocated its National Headquarters and residential ministry to Wyoming after being donated the 48,000 sqft. historic Parco Inn located in Sinclair. The Parco Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places. BYM personnel have thousands of hours of experience working with at-risk teenagers and children.  BYM and BYM staff have conducted VBS and camping programs in over 40 different states and most Canadian provinces.  Since 1988 BYM has recorded over 10,000 salvation decisions in local church programs. In September of 2007, BYM personnel planted a church in Sinclair under the guidance of the Beacon Hill Baptist Church. Mike Holmes was the pastor until September of 2020 when the leadership was turned over to Josh Spencer, the new senior pastor. Mike and Sandy are members and Mike serves as a staff evangelist.