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S1E21- Relationships- How To Have A Better Sunday Morning Handshaking Time

Season #1 Episode #21

Taking time to fine-tune all the little details of church work is extremely important. There's an old saying that says, "The devil is in the details".  I don't really care for that saying because I don't want to give the devil any credit for the hard work of the Lord's people,  but I do think that attention to details and fine tuning can make a much bigger difference than we often think.

 Recent studies have shown that people make their decisions to return to a venue, whether it be a church, a restaurant, or a business, within the first few seconds. The brain has an amazing way to analyze hundreds of little tiny details that all add up to a singular decision.  I believe the way we interact with one another is key to the likelihood of returning  guests.

This podcast gets into the tiny details of an important moment in your Sunday routine--The Handshaking Time. Listen all the way to the end of this episode where you will find several actionable ideas that you can implement by next Sunday.