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S1E17- Family Solutions- What does our Sunday morning kids program look like?

Season #1

People are always asking, what does your Sunday morning children's ministry program look like? In this podcast we seek to answer this question. We include what the actual format is, how it integrates with our adult program, and what our core values are for the kids program.

If you are looking for a children's ministry program that helps you reach moms and dads, here is your answer.

Easy implementation has always been a goal of this podcast. This episode is no different although it does contain some larger churchwide programatic changes that in some ways are a bit controversial. Listen to this with your Sunday school staff and see what you can do to create a  format that will help you reach new, young moms and dads.

BONUS: This month we are focusing on giving out helpful resources to our local churches. Follow the link below to get your free 7-page guide on how exactly we do our Connection Cards. "It's more than a visitors card, a signup sheet, or prayer request sheet. It's one of the greatest feedback devices a church could ever use!"