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S1E4- Atmosphere-How to Have Amazing Sundays

Season #1 Episode #4

Show Notes:

One of the best things that can happen to folks who visit your church is to be welcomed by an amazing atmosphere. Every little thing, from smiles and handshakes, from aromas to clean classrooms, contribute to your atmosphere. Details, details, details!  The small things count for so much.

There is one biggee though and that is your people. If they are ready and excited for guests it make a huge difference. 

I like to teach our people as they serve the Lord, that they are there to help make and amazing local church experience. This helps the janitors to clean with zeal and the teachers prep with anticipation and the greeters smile their biggest. We all are here to contribute to the atmosphere.

This week teach your folks that the little things matter and help them to be part of an amazing Sunday!