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The Better Sundays Podcast

The Better Sundays Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Holmes

Focused, practical and usable advice for churches that are looking to reach new, young families and impact their communities.


S3E12- How to Repel Young Families from Your Church in Three Easy Steps

Season #3 Episode #12

Want to keep those young families away for the House of the Lord? Trying to repel all the young families with little children?  Follow these three simple steps to make sure most of the young families that visit your...
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S3E11- Three Ways We Do Video Testimonies in Church

Season #3 Episode #11

This is a visual generation!Look at these stats from and article posted by Moveable Ink (Nov. 2018)Our brains were built for visual information:1. 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.2. It takes...
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S3E8- Five Smart Ways Smart Pastors are Using Smart Phones in Their Sunday Morning Service

Season #3 Episode #8

It seems nearly 100 percent of young families in North America are using smart phones in some way in their daily life. Wise leaders everywhere are learning to leverage these ubiquitous communication devices for...
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S3E7- Stuff to Buy on Amazon That Will Help You Reach Young Families

Season #3 Episode #7

Buy Stuff--Reach Families!   What a concept! What a ministry!Yes, there are things you can purchase online that will help you and your church be more attractive and compatible with young families.  This episode...
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S3E6- How to Make Your Church SMELL Like Young Families! - Bulletins, Announcements and Connection Cards

Season #3 Episode #6

Nearly every public entity, business or local church has a distinct smell or flavor to it. The moment you walk in, you can sense it. Our churches often have a distinct smell to them. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.  A...
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S3E4- Three Summer Ministry Ideas for Reaching Young Families

Season #3 Episode #4

If you are a pastor or a church leader wanting to reach the new, young families in your community, you don't need to do the job alone. It is likely you have a great group of people already working for you that can...
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S3E3- Ideas for Family Friendly Church Activities

Season #3 Episode #3

Attracting new, young families to church is essential. Often it starts at some type of kid-related event.Kids come and have a good time.They return for a second event.Relationship are formed with both kids and the...
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S3E2- Family Friendly Church? Yes or No

Season #3 Episode #2

There are many activity-oriented things a local church can do to become known as a "family-friendly" church, but beneath all of the programs and motion, there needs to be a groundwork of principles. Young parents will...
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S3E1- "Young Family Things" - Introduction to the Concept

Season #3 Episode #1

Season Three begins with the introduction to the concept of "young family things."In order to reach young families often time churches need to focus on doing "young family things."Local churches are familiar with the...
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