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The Better Sundays Podcast

The Better Sundays Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Holmes

Focused, practical and usable advice for churches that are looking to reach new, young families and impact their communities.


S4E19- Let Me Tell You About My Greatest Listener

Season #4 Episode #19

There are a lot of folks who listen to the Better Sundays Podcast, watch the ReachKeep YouTube videos, subscribe to the email newsletters and follow all of the social media channels were we appear. Of all of these, on...
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S4E17- How You Can Reach New Moms and Dads on Christmas Sunday

Season #4 Episode #17

Yes, This coming holiday season can be a time of church growth. Are you hoping those new moms and dads you have met will be attend a Sunday morning service?  Here is how you can reach out to them in a new and...
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S4E16- Do You Make These Christmas Outreach Mistakes?

Season #4 Episode #16

It is a good time for your local church to reach out to your community during the holiday season.  As they say, opportunities abound. This podcast will highlight 3 common mistake church leaders can make without even...
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S4E15- Solving Christmas Burnout for Christian Workers.

Season #4 Episode #15

Every year "Christmas burnout" happen to folks in the ministry. Here is what I have done for the last several years to prevent the load from driving me crazy.Have the best Christmas ever with this Bible reading plan...
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S4E13 Are Your Sunday Mornings Missing These Precise Engagement Moments?

Season #4 Episode #13

There are two very specific times that church attenders are ripe for engagement.  You cannot afford to let these slip away. Join us for this practical teaching that will help your folks return over and over each...
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S4E11- Do You Know Why Engaging Sunday Services are So Effective?

Season #4 Episode #11

Engagement vs. Participation... What is the difference?  Why is it better (all things being equal) to have your church folks and guests to be engaged rather than just sitting in a church service?Join us in Part One of...
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S4E10- Why People Don't Come to Your Church- Ask Mike: What percentage of people come to your church for something or someone?

Season #4 Episode #10

Are you solving a problem every Sunday? Everyday, everyone of us are looking for solutions. The local church should be at the top of the list in giving out answers. Every church should be a fertile landing ground for...
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S4E9- Feedback and Listening Skills- 3 Proven Techniques to Help Pastors

Season #4 Episode #9

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! How are doing in listening to your people. Learn these techniques to be a better listener and have a better "listening" environment.Resource Mentioned: Get your Connection Card...
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S4E8- Personal Ambition vs. Being Your Best. Ask Mike: What to do when kids ask difficult questions in Sunday school.

Season #4 Episode #8

Do you wrestle with too much personal ambition?  Yes, we all do!Here is what I do to make sure I am doing my best with out letting the pride take over. Channel-  Ask Mike: What to do...
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S4E7- Does the Church Have Customers? Yes or No?- Ask Mike: How to create discussion in your Bible study.

Season #4 Episode #7

The words Church and Customers are rarely used in the same sentence. Is there a place for consumerism in the House of the Lord? I think not!  But, then again, I think so!  Join me in this episode as we see where the...
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S4E6- Details Matter at Church- Ask Mike: Why Don't Parents Send Their Kids to the Children's Program

Season #4 Episode #6

Details, Details, Details!  Yep, There are a lot of important details to be looked at  in a local church ministry. Some of the most important ones are covered in this episode.Ask Mike- Why is it that moms and dads...
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S4E4- Excellence in Marketing Outreach- Ask Mike: Does a Pastor Even Need a Personality?

Season #4 Episode #4

Shepherds that are diligent about the state of their flocks are wise.  They also tend to be successful and pay their bills. Churches should be the same. No one should be in this for the money, but we all want to do...
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