The Better Sundays Podcast

The Better Sundays Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Holmes

Focused, practical and usable advice for churches that are looking to reach new, young families and impact their communities.


S5E7- Effective Communication for Local Church Leaders

Season #5 Episode #7

If we fail at good communications we are in sad shape. Right up at the top of the list of leadership skills is effective communication. A leader needs to be competent and also have great character, but one areas that...
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S5E6- How to Build Your Church in 2022- Leadership Series

Season #5 Episode #6

It is time to build our churches back up. Nationally, church attendance is down an average of 22%. Many churches have suffered even greater losses. This training video will give you several hands-on, practical ideas...
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S5E5- Using Technology to Share Your Ministry Vision

Season #5 Episode #5

Advancing the kingdom with technology has been around even before Gutenberg printed his first Bible. If you are a local church leader and you have a vision, I know something about you! You want your vision to last...
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S5E4- How to Make Your Vision Last Longer- Sticky Vision!

Season #5 Episode #4

How to Make Your Vision Last Longer addresses a classic problem that local church are very familiar with--Vision Leakage.  That's right!  Vision can leak, drain away, cool off, fade away or whatever metaphor you...
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S5E3- How to Implement Vision in a Local Church Setting

Season #5 Episode #3

Local church leaders need be able to implement the vision that God has given them for their ministry. Many leaders can dream, but can they produce is the real question?This episode of the Better Sunday Podcast is...
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S5E2- Three Categories of Vision for Church Leaders

Season #5 Episode #2

Local church vision casting is complicated.  You don't get to choose just one area and beat that drum only. There needs to be a balance of "visions."  This podcast will give you the three primary areas where a local...
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S5E1- What does the Bible say about VISION?

Season #5 Episode #1

Church leaders need to have vision. Whether you are running a Sunday school class, a Bible study or entire local church, you need to have a vision for the future.Join us for this new season of church leadership...
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S4E20- What is in top of the 2021 pile? The Best Ideas of 2021 for Reaching Young Families

It was a good year.  Lots of new content, lotsa new followers. Here is where we had the most downloads and views!
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S4E19- Let Me Tell You About My Greatest Listener

Season #4 Episode #19

There are a lot of folks who listen to the Better Sundays Podcast, watch the ReachKeep YouTube videos, subscribe to the email newsletters and follow all of the social media channels were we appear. Of all of these, on...
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S4E18- Simple Tips to Fire up Your Candlelight Service

A Candlelight service on Christmas Eve is a perfect time to reach new, young moms and dads. This can become one of the most memorable services of the year and it doesn't have to be complex. Join us for a few simple...
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S4E17- How You Can Reach New Moms and Dads on Christmas Sunday

Season #4 Episode #17

Yes, This coming holiday season can be a time of church growth. Are you hoping those new moms and dads you have met will be attend a Sunday morning service?  Here is how you can reach out to them in a new and...
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S4E16- Do You Make These Christmas Outreach Mistakes?

Season #4 Episode #16

It is a good time for your local church to reach out to your community during the holiday season.  As they say, opportunities abound. This podcast will highlight 3 common mistake church leaders can make without even...
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