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The Better Sundays Podcast

The Better Sundays Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Holmes

Focused, practical and usable advice for churches that are looking to reach new, young families and impact their communities.


S1E13- Family Solutions- Tools for Moms and Dads with Disobedient Kids

Season #1 Episode #13

Every community is filled with parents looking for solutions in raising their children.Our local churches need to solve sin problems with biblical solutions.This podcast gives you some practical and usable ideas for...
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S1E12- Family Solutions- How to Get Parents More Involved in the Children's Ministry

Season #1 Episode #12

Involved parents are better parents. Our churches need to work hard to get moms and dads more involved in the children's ministry. Moms and dads crave to spend time with their children and the local church can make...
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S1E11- Family Solutions- Two ways your church can help parents "parent".

Season #1 Episode #11

Show Notes:I always say, the local church should be really good at giving out biblical solutions for sin problems. Parenting problems, though not usually associated with open sin, are very real and front of mind for...
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S1E10- Atmosphere- Sunday Morning Refreshments, Yes or No?

Season #1 Episode #10

Should we have food in church on Sunday morning?Why should we have food in church on a Sunday morning? These are two great questions that once you answer them will really help you in reaching new young families and...
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S1E9- Atmosphere- How to Do Greeters and Hosts

Season #1 Episode #9

First impressions are important. Great first impressions are essential!Every local church needs to think out, very thoroughly, what it looks like when people come to visit them for the first time. It is so easy to...
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S1E8- How Music Creates Atmosphere

Season #1 Episode #8

It's amazing how a little background music and can set the tone for an entire event. In this podcast we discussed the importance of and how to use music in the background to help your guests be at ease. There are many...
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S1E7- Atmosphere- Fixing Your Church's Aroma

Season #1 Episode #7

Every church facility has its smell. Some smell old and some smell new. Some are musty and some are fresh. Every church congregation also has a smell. Not one that hits the nose, but one that hits the heart. Good...
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S1E6- Atmosphere- Creating a Culture of Early and Ready

Season #1 Episode #6

Hard work is ahead when creating a culture of "Easy and Ready", but the reward is amazing!  When guests arrive and they find everything is in order and the people are prepared is helps to create and an amazing Sunday....
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S1E5- Atmosphere- Excited for Guests

Season #1 Episode #5

Show Notes:Speed of the Leader=Speed of the Team!  If you are excited about new folks coming to visit your church for the first time, you need to transfer that excitement to your church folks. Training them to be...
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S1E4- Atmosphere-How to Have Amazing Sundays

Season #1 Episode #4

Show Notes:One of the best things that can happen to folks who visit your church is to be welcomed by an amazing atmosphere. Every little thing, from smiles and handshakes, from aromas to clean classrooms, contribute...
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Season #1 Episode #3

Show Notes:  Book learning and theory only go so far with me. I need to get my hands on things to really learn. If you are a learner like me, then you should be happy now. In this lesson you get the hands on...
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S1E2- What is a BETTER SUNDAY?

Season #1 Episode #2

We all know that every Sunday something seems to go haywire.  I don't know about you, but for me, there are about 20 areas  where we could do better.  With that being a give in almost all of our church, one thing I am...
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