The Better Sundays Podcast

The Better Sundays Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Holmes

Focused, practical and usable advice for churches that are looking to reach new, young families and impact their communities.


S1E6- Atmosphere- Creating a Culture of Early and Ready

Season #1 Episode #6

Hard work is ahead when creating a culture of "Easy and Ready", but the reward is amazing!  When guests arrive and they find everything is in order and the people are prepared is helps to create and an amazing Sunday....
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S1E5- Atmosphere- Excited for Guests

Season #1 Episode #5

Show Notes:Speed of the Leader=Speed of the Team!  If you are excited about new folks coming to visit your church for the first time, you need to transfer that excitement to your church folks. Training them to be...
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S1E4- Atmosphere-How to Have Amazing Sundays

Season #1 Episode #4

Show Notes:One of the best things that can happen to folks who visit your church is to be welcomed by an amazing atmosphere. Every little thing, from smiles and handshakes, from aromas to clean classrooms, contribute...
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Season #1 Episode #3

Show Notes:  Book learning and theory only go so far with me. I need to get my hands on things to really learn. If you are a learner like me, then you should be happy now. In this lesson you get the hands on...
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S1E2- What is a BETTER SUNDAY?

Season #1 Episode #2

We all know that every Sunday something seems to go haywire.  I don't know about you, but for me, there are about 20 areas  where we could do better.  With that being a give in almost all of our church, one thing I am...
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S1E1- Why do we need BETTER SUNDAYS?

Season #1 Episode #1

Show Notes:Every Christian should be striving to improve in every aspect of their life. I need to pray more and better. I need to witness more and better. I need to be a better husband and father.Self improvement is...
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